Why Choose Eco Home & Office Cleaning?

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What does the term ”eco" mean?

What does it mean to be ”Eco-friendly”?

What are "green" products?

These terms have been popping up everywhere and very few people don’t understand the terminology and why everything ‘eco’ tends to relate to the word green.  Eco is a prefix from ecology, defined as the relationship of living things to one another and their environment, or the study of such relationships.  Green products are goods that are produced to provide the most efficient use of natural resources while aiming to produce the least amount of negative effects on the environment

The terms are used mainly in reference to the popularity and awareness of global warming. Global warming has been scientifically proven to exist. To help prevent the increase of global warming, manufacturers have or are creating products to encourage people to become more eco-friendly in their daily lives to protect the environment.

Eco-friendly or ‘green’ products are made with fewer natural resources, which in the long run, helps contribute to slowing the process of global warming. These products are the safest alternatives to what is currently on the market.

Every year 6 out of every 100 janitors have lost time off work due to eye and skin irritations, respiratory problems resulting from the inhalation of cleaning chemicals. If cleaning products can be hazardous to those that come in direct contact with them daily, then what can be said about the cleaning products that we use in our homes?

Cleaning supply manufacturers are not forced to include the chemicals or ingredients used on the label packaging. Mainstream cleaning products can contribute to the detrimental of our health and also contribute to global warming because of the harmful substances they contain. Children immune systems’ are more vulnerable than adults to the toxins released from cleaning supplies. The air in most American households is more contaminated than the air outside with the many hazardous and toxic chemicals that we release in the air with brand-name cleaning products we are accustomed to use. Eco friendly and green cleaning products are less toxic; contain no hazardous chemicals, organic and biodegradable.

EHOC is committed to making a difference in the environment. We only use non-toxic supplies and our cleaning techniques are eco-friendly. EHOC understands that not everyone is accustomed to or even has knowledge of how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and the great advantages of using ‘green’ products. We provide additional services on how to transform your everyday living, through phases, while being eco-conscious. Many cleaning services offer eco-friendly supplies, but what purpose does it serve in using an eco-friendly cleaner in your home or office when possibly other facets of your everyday living consists of minor things that are potentially harmful to you and the environment.

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